elevation through Collaboration

What's Up At Worldplayers?


elevation through Collaboration

What's Up At Worldplayers?


  • We started Changemakers, a member-owned network of social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs for hire.

  • We started Commonstake, a social media platform to foster dialogue between corporate and consumer citizens. 

  • We started Crowdwill, a networking of crowdfunding sites that accept donation credit users can earn via gamified interactions with socially responsible companies.

  • We're starting Human Union Think Tank: a dialogue-based NGO to further global citizenship. 

  • We're starting healers: a community Centered around the adancement of hollistic, integrative and alternative modalities.

front of House:

  • We helped Roozt launch its online social-venture marketplace, which obtained $250K in angel investments. 

  • We helped Psychology Tomorrow Magazine (PTM) become a household name to the mental health community.

  • We produced and distributed a New Website for PTM called Alternative Therapists Directory, which had an ROI of 1000% within three months. 

  • We're helping St. Elmo Village raise $45K after 45 years providing a safe creative space for kids in LA.

  • We're helping The Good Radio Network raise $20K to expand its number of talk radio shows with changemakers.

  • We're helping La Avante-Garde design and market its first smoking alternative.